Anarchist Role Models.

Es klingt zunächst komisch, Anarchisten mit Vorbildern? Perso­nenkult soll doch vermieden werden! Kill your Heroes! Doch darum geht es nicht. In Gesprächen mit jüngeren fällt mir immer wieder auf, dass sie nach Halt suchen in der immer schneller werdenden Zeit, dass sie nicht so ganz wissen, für welchen Lebensweg sie sich entscheiden sollen, welche Richtung … Weiterlesen Anarchist Role Models.

Starting again. To Blog and Share.

It has been a while since my last post.
But since yesterday i feel again the urge to express myself more, to write on my own website and share what i know. May it is because i finished the „unwritten Malatesta-Biography“ (by Edition Nautilus[->Leseprobe]), where Malatesta describes that he did not find his own life important enough to share (and I got so angry about this, that i got thinking about why, and found out, it is because i thought the same). For days i read the webpage of Sacha Chua, an semi-retired programmer, sketch noter and visual thinker from Toronto. She shares nearly every success, every little bit of knowledge, every little bread crump she learns (about herself as well). And i believe that is a nice approach, share what are the questions, what are you working on, what did you learn.
Do not worry, i will not make this a public dairy, but i try to develop it more into a journaling of development than before.

It does sound strange, but i believe deeply, that i have things to share, interesting questions and maybe some solutions for people with the same questions.

So, what happened since i wrote last time? First of all, i found new ways to express myself, i startet to sketch note and practice visual thinking. I guess i will write a little bit more about that later, just for now a short statement: It produces the highest amount of output i had in the last 5 years, my thinking processes are much more clear and i can handle stress much better.

Below my post i try to establish the following structure:
„What did i learn yesterday and today?“, „Currently working on“, „Open questions.“, „Backlog“

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