Starting again. To Blog and Share.

It has been a while since my last post.
But since yesterday i feel again the urge to express myself more, to write on my own website and share what i know. May it is because i finished the „unwritten Malatesta-Biography“ (by Edition Nautilus[->Leseprobe]), where Malatesta describes that he did not find his own life important enough to share (and I got so angry about this, that i got thinking about why, and found out, it is because i thought the same). For days i read the webpage of Sacha Chua, an semi-retired programmer, sketch noter and visual thinker from Toronto. She shares nearly every success, every little bit of knowledge, every little bread crump she learns (about herself as well). And i believe that is a nice approach, share what are the questions, what are you working on, what did you learn.
Do not worry, i will not make this a public dairy, but i try to develop it more into a journaling of development than before.

It does sound strange, but i believe deeply, that i have things to share, interesting questions and maybe some solutions for people with the same questions.

So, what happened since i wrote last time? First of all, i found new ways to express myself, i startet to sketch note and practice visual thinking. I guess i will write a little bit more about that later, just for now a short statement: It produces the highest amount of output i had in the last 5 years, my thinking processes are much more clear and i can handle stress much better.

Below my post i try to establish the following structure:
„What did i learn yesterday and today?“, „Currently working on“, „Open questions.“, „Backlog“

1. „What did i learn yesterday and today?“

Yesterday i spent the whole day reading the blog of Sacha Chua, lending some of her exercises (i.e. on: What makes me feel free, and how can i measure this). In the evening i tried a ne cooking recipe, which was a little bit dull, after permeating over night it was much much better. May i share the recipe the next days.
I made some notes on my learning habits (and how to improve them):

„You do not need to love something to get good at it.“

I was thinking about this for a while and i believe it is true, i want to keep this quote^1 in mind. What i learned today, i will share in the next part.

2. „Currently working on.“

I am thrilled. In a way i hadn’t in a few month. By data, my data. When i read Sacha yesterday, i found the first time in years(?) a practical use for personal data-tracking. Beside the clothes she is wearing(and which color combi­na­tions are working), she is tracking her groceries-shopping. And immediately i was sucked in an idea. Could i do this myself?
Since 10 in the morning i am working on that. First with Apple’s Numbers, than with „R“, later with PostgreSQL and Libre­office.

I have nearly no experience with programming and databases, thats why i thought „R“ is the best thing. But i have no idea how to store data, or to do the requests.

But i have some use cases:
– I want to track the categories of what i buy (Meat, Cheese, Drinks, etc) and how it grows over time.
– I want to track on which days of the week i buy more i.e. alcohol or meat.
– I want to check if there is a relation between shopping while hungry and what i buy more.
– I want to track my sweets and snacks-behavior.
– I want to know on what i spend my money. In main and subca­te­gories.
– I want to know, if one shop is really much more expensive than an other one.
– I want to have things plotted, to compare the average, the median, over time. Was the last week typical compared to the last month, the last three month, six month, and how did things evolve.

Beside the weekend-time-spending i went back to university 2 weeks ago. This term i have to pass 1 specific exam and want to pass 2-3 more. Which means i have to learn like no time before. I started with micro-economics and accounting, but i have to add macro-economics and analysis as well. I will begin this week with shredding down my whole tasks in little bits to solve that challenge.

3. „Open Questions.“

– How to save data in „R“, and what is the best way to handle the data, is it SQL?
– How to share my Code?
– Which things can i automate more, which should i automate, which are just nice to have?
– How can i share (as embed) music from band camp? (
– Who are the clients i want to serve? (people centered entre­pre­neurship by @sachac) -> Find Personas which fit

4. „Backlog.“

– I want to take a look at „Guy Kawasaki – Rules for revolu­tio­naries“, because i liked the art of start and guess, reading never is a bad think
– I want to collect „Anarchist Role-Models“. Sacha was speaking in one of her posts about the Role-Models she was using for developing specific skills and ideas, taking things in a perspective. And i believe there are some Anarchists which are great role-models for different reasons. And i want to collect some of these. (i.e. Malatesta, Pankhurst, Goldman, Wittkop-Rocker, Kropotkin, Reclus, etc.
– I want to make the sketch notes on what recipes i want to try in future, in which direction i want to exercise my cooking skills.

Thank you for reading, and please leave some comments if you have ideas on the backlog or open questions.

^1: I guess it was from Cal Newport.

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