Straw­berry One.

Dear reader, today I publish my first short-story under creative commons licence (CC-BY-SA 3.0). I hope u enjoy a little bit reading it. It was made as a birthday gift for a good friend. If you want to copy, paste, work on it, feel free, thats what it is made for, all i wanted to do is writing it.

Straw­berry One By Frank Pott, published under CC-BY-SA 3.0, 1.400 Words

Straw­berry One.


Son, there are a lot stories about the old world. The most are told more times u can stand them, but let me tell you a story which is never told before. It is the story of a woman.


It were the old days where the Mecha­Wor­riers still were as mecha­nical partisans deep in the woods. Son, I guess u know the Mecha­Wor­riers. These old rusty maschines you can see today in the “Museums of ancience society”. But in these old days, they were mighty and powerful, heavy support-maschines. Some were just for fighting, other were carriers or constructing maschines, and some were made for tech-support. But just a few, the most valiant, were allowed to ride the Data-Rocke­teers.


Son, the woman I am talking about was one of these brave people. She started in the age of 17 as a rookie, self-employing by constructing her own MechaBot. It was made of rubbish metal, hard steal-titanium mixes and electrical components you could find in chip-libraries and tool-houses. I heard that the heart of her MechaBot was one of these heavy hydrogene-cells used by EcoCars in the ancience society. It needed hours and hours to plan, construct and welding these MechaBot. She coded the interface by her own, backing every­thing in she needed. A calender and organizer, the commu­ni­cation-interface, aiming-AI and last but not least the confi­gu­ration of arms, legs, briefly the fullbo­dy­con­troll and some gimmics like near field commu­ni­cation hacker software.

After all, she published the code under creative commons licence. Son, that wasn´t common at these time, stupid people thought about ideas as property not knowing that property is an illusion. But she did, and a lot of other rookies could use here expie­ri­ences and software, creating own code and better programs.

Sadly she never will appear in the history-books, and I don´t think that a documen­tation about her life will join our histo-backups in the online-libraries but her first uses of the MechaBot were rollicking.

My Son, like your playing with reality-devices, MechaBot-races were part of the same youth-culture and a big fun. She wasn´t too bad, the high number of reclaimed upgrade kits sponsored by chip-libraries and toolhouses shows it.


One of these upgrade kits was polluted with hacked resistance software, which trans­mitted the “Manifest of liberating the World” to her screen. She read it all bright-eyed and decided to join the resistance in the woods fighting for a more equal and liberated world. Wasn´t easy, in these days to reach them, because they didn´t use the later sucessfull data-rockets and the Mecha­Worrier-Net (MW-N).

But I guess the first days with her MechaBot looking for the resis­tence were surely totaly amazing. She crawled through the woods, looking for the resistance and solving some trainings which were offered in the eathernet for resistance-rookies. After a while she was magged by the Counter-Resistance-Squads (CRS)and needed to flee. But Son, she was a clever woman, the CRS wasn´t fast enough to get her MechaBot, and when they were close, she found a lot of traps and tricks to escape.


She was the first who invented the data-rockets, the technics u know as Data-Explosion or data-impulse. She found out with her MechaBot, that it would be the best to find the resistance by destroying infra­structure of the CRS and signing it in the infor­mation-ether. When she attacked an outpost in the woods she started her first data-rocket.

Red, blue, purple, green, yellow. The Data-Rocket busted in hundreds of colours, sending out an infor­mation-impulse and spited in the world: “Hello world. Straw­berry One is on the run, try to get me.”

Maybe not the most profes­sional thing u ever heared, but It was the first message. Later she added the positiv song “Their is a great big beautiful tomorrow” to her data-rocket signal to tease the CRS. After that first data-rocket, other Mecha­War­riors started to sign their actions too. A network growed up.


As u may remember it where the days where commu­ni­cation was much more eruptive than today. Hell, our permanent-wireless time wasn´t invented and even it was very dangerous.

The Counter-Resistance-Squads tried to catch the Mecha­Wor­riers partisans, build a lot of traps, but Straw­berry One started to become a data-sailor. She sailed with their MechaBot from outpost to outpost, destroyed as much CRS-infra­structure she could and set up data-rockets.

After a while the resistance contacted her to establish the “Data-Rocketeer Squad” the legendary DRS-#1. She became the first female data-rocketeer and got new upgrade kits for her MechaBot which became now an offical Mecha­Worrier.

Additional Rocket-slots and data-booster made Straw­berry One the first selfcreated Data-Rocketeer-Mecha­Worrier. You know Son, self-construction and self-coding is still a rule at the data-depart­ments today.


In 2029, some years before u were born Son, their should be a big offensive against the CRS. As a young Boy I was part of the “Infra­structure and Supply-Department”. I was a Buffalo Supply-Driver and we were respon­sible to bring big electro-kits for the ground-control.

I maneu­vered my big supply-truck with uncle Joyce through the woods, following the data-trail to the meeting place, an old theme park. It was just a question of time till they will attack us. Uncle Joyce and I were nervous, driving all the equipment at our truck.

Suddendly the ground in front of the truck burst, dust and metall, bitumen and timber blowed across our view. A CRS-Tank run across the street, shooting big missles at us. Uncle Joyce and I pull hard around the truck, trying not to knock the truck over. Dirt, sweat, tears and mud whirl the air.

Boom, another big explosion happend. The fireball embrace the CRS-tank. Green and blue small explo­sions melted the tank piece by piece. First the big curb chains, than the steel conduit and at least the driver´s cab with the rollover-protection. Joyce commu­ni­cation-radar freaked out, so many data´s comming from that explo­sions.

When the truck stopped spinning around, we pause for a moment. Sweat ran like rivers down my neck. Joyce prayed to god, that when the cole-smoke will go, the enemy will not attack us like the CRS-tank. Son, may u remember, that the CRS wasn´t the only enemy in this times, other Clans fought each other as well.

With a sound of breaking metal a shadow escaped the smoke. Brown sprayed metal. A wild beating blue-heavy-hydrogen-cell spend a bright light to the glade. A carbon-glass-cabin sheened in the moonlight. Slowly the maschine came closer.


“Cccrr­hhhrcce. Straw­berry One, Data-Rocketeer-Squad­leader here. I am your scout to the meeting point at the theme park. I will come closer to check if ure truck is high damaged, my Mecha­Warrior will now enter ure computer systems. Don´t be aware.”

Joyce and I were totaly scarred. The big glas carboned Mecha­Warrior came closer, surrounded us like a raptor. Our interface freaked out again, a hugh impact of data screewed him up.

Joyce and I stared at each other. “Joyce, I guess I never will reach my target with the truck. We can´t reach it, its busted, and now someone is tacking over our systems.”

The glas-carbon came closer and we both, Joyce and me could take a look inside the Mecha­Worrier-cabin.

She was amazing, wild purple hair, glowing like flames arround her head. One-side under­cutted. Her Helmet couldnt hold back them and in her face the brassy googles with an aiming-interface covered the eyes.

In her mouth-corner surrounded by straw­berry-red and vanilla-flavoured lips she hold a cigarett.

She was proud, knowing that she was a data-rocketeer.

And son, she leaned down to me and said: “Hey boys, everyone has to do his tasks as well as possible. It may doesn´t look much, but I swear as long as I can, I shoot rockets in the air to protect you and our mission.”

Son, that was the day, I met your mom.

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