Starting again. To Blog and Share.

It has been a while since my last post.
But since yesterday i feel again the urge to express myself more, to write on my own website and share what i know. May it is because i finished the „unwritten Malatesta-Biography“ (by Edition Nautilus[->Leseprobe]), where Malatesta describes that he did not find his own life important enough to share (and I got so angry about this, that i got thinking about why, and found out, it is because i thought the same). For days i read the webpage of Sacha Chua, an semi-retired programmer, sketch noter and visual thinker from Toronto. She shares nearly every success, every little bit of knowledge, every little bread crump she learns (about herself as well). And i believe that is a nice approach, share what are the questions, what are you working on, what did you learn.
Do not worry, i will not make this a public dairy, but i try to develop it more into a journaling of development than before.

It does sound strange, but i believe deeply, that i have things to share, interesting questions and maybe some solutions for people with the same questions.

So, what happened since i wrote last time? First of all, i found new ways to express myself, i startet to sketch note and practice visual thinking. I guess i will write a little bit more about that later, just for now a short statement: It produces the highest amount of output i had in the last 5 years, my thinking processes are much more clear and i can handle stress much better.

Below my post i try to establish the following structure:
„What did i learn yesterday and today?“, „Currently working on“, „Open questions.“, „Backlog“